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Hines Dibrova Studio VOVA Lamp VOVA LAMP ANIMATION VOVA LAMPHD Studio Lamp by Zach Hines and Oliver Dibrova Top1 VOVA LAMP

Organizer: Google Sketchup + i-Materialise
Location: Bridge for Emerging Contemproary Art – NM, USA
Architects: H+D Studio
Status: Competition Win + Completed 2010
Size: 240 sqin
Responsibilities: Digital Design and Visualization


The initial driving mission of Hines + Dibrova Studio’s VOVA Lamp was to push the boundaries of the selective laser sintering 3D printing technology. This allowed the VOVA lamp’s concept to be feasibly driven and developed using a minimal surface tiling algorithm optimizing the object’s form and the lamp’s function. Once a base module was formulated, the geometry was tiled radially 10 times and resulted in a continuous flow of material.

The design, shadow, and illumination led to an honorable mention and exhibition at the Bridge for Emerging Contemporary Art. Also, Google and the leading 3D printing fabrication company, Materialise, awarded and realized H+D Studio’s design intentions by sponsoring the first built prototype. Currently, a product line is being developed and will be shipped to design stores throughout the country. If interested, please feel free to go to www.Hines-Dibrova-Studio.com where you can purchase the lamp for your store or home.


The material used to fabricate the lamp is a plastic polyamide: white, strong, flexible and ideal for lamps because of its high mechanical and thermal resistance. The selective laser sintering process can make very complex designs, both large and small. The VOVA lamp’s printable details push the limits of machine and material with the material thickness starting at 1mm thin.


The technique H+D Studio used to fabricate the VOVA lamp is through Laser Sintering a plastic polyamide. With laser Sintering designs are printed layer by layer by a laser that draws thin lines in a polyamide powder. The laser beam precisely places enough energy to melt the powder, bonding together to form a thin layer of the model. After a layer is placed down, a new layer of fresh powder is spread over the surface by a roller until the process yields the perfectly accurate VOVA lamp by H+D Studio.


H+D Studio strives to offer the optimal tailored solution, a wide range of unique services are available to ensure that your exact project requirements are met. Depending on the surface requirements of the nal design, the part will be nished smooth and then undergo the correct fnishing process. Typically the Vova lamp is primed, appearance surfaces are sanded smooth, and color coats applied based on customer specication. Metal plating is also a process that can be performed on the design with advanced notice.

vova lamp VOVA LAMP

vova lamp2 VOVA LAMP

Hines Dibrova Studio VOVA Lamp Detail 794x1024 VOVA LAMP

Hines Dibrova Studio VOVA Lamp Detail 3 794x1024 VOVA LAMPHines Dibrova Studio VOVA Lamp Side 749x1024 VOVA LAMP

Fabricated Vova Lamp

on sale now. contact: contact@hines-dibrova-studio.com

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